Video Game Developer


I'm currently looking for a job or an internship in the video game field. I finished my study in October 2016: a master 2 at the University of Lyon 1, and more specifically in the corporate network "Gamagora".

I went to study during 2 years and half in Scotland. At the beginning, it was just to finish my DUT of computing during one exchange Erasmus semester. Then I stayed one more year to complete my DUETI (a double diploma: French and Scottish). And finally a last year where I could pass a Master 1 in computing games development. During those years in Scotland, I could improve my English and start a specialisation in video game programming. In September 2015, I could continue my study joining a Master 2 CIM (Multimedia conception and integration) at Gamagora.

I'm motivate and creative, I can quickly integrate on a working group. During my study, I often contribuated in collective works. My experience in programming use a lot of differents softwares and programming languages allowing me to adapt quickly to all kind of environments.

Below you can find a game that I create to show my school curriculum.