Video Game Developer

"Dash Ball"


"DashBall" is a project made during my internship for my master 2 (in Gamagora), then I kept working on it during 3 months. The main objective was to product a playable demo to make some pictures and videos of the game, in order to promote it Social Medias. The next step was to start a Kickstarter to produce and publish the game and then to create our video game studio.

We wanted to create a dynamic game with a main objective: to destroy the enemy nexus with the help of the main object, the ball.

Two team of 5 players compete. Every player embodies a character with his spell, his characteristics (that can be improve with some equipment payable in the shop). Every character has a dash (big jump in front) to move quicker. He can die if he get hitten too much (which gives him a spectator view during sometime). To win, you have to play as a team and in a strategic way without loosing the ball.

A lot of other features are implemented like a jackpot per team, which gives the opportunity to save money with your team and get some boost. Or a balance gauge incrementing with the hit receive and causing the fall if it's too full (and the lost ofthe ball idthe player had it).

To discover more about the project, I invite you to visit the Facebook and Twitter's page where I post some videos and pictures.