Video Game Developer

"Man of the Stars"


" Man of the Stars " is a project realised during my CDD(FIXED-TERM CONTRACT) in the studio Oblatif Games. We were 4 to work on this project: 2 graphic designers and 2 developers. We worked during 1 year to produce a demo allowing us to show videos and images about the gameplay, for our Kickstarter’s campaign. This kickstarter’s campaign had to allow us to finish the development of the project.

With this we had as objective to propose to the players a new playing experience : by mixing survival and strategy gameplay, all of this in a world proceduraly generated, in multiplayers and on the theme of the science fiction.

In this project, as we were 2 developers, I had the opportunity of touching all the aspects of the development. The biggest part concerned the procedural generation. We worked during 1 year to improve it and make it always more realistic as much on a topology level as the placement of objects in the environment (trees, rocks, villages, donjons) or the ground’s texturing. There was also a big work to speed some calculations of the generation on GPU to get it speeder.

For all the features I worked on, I had every time to implement them in network. For this we developed a C# server extern to Unity, where we had to synchronize the informations and save them in the database.

Here is a list of the features I worked on:
- system of construction, placement of the blocks compare to other one (example: placement of walls relative to a foundation’s block : Walls come to put themselves in the extremities of this foundation’s block)
- The management of the inventory, the equipment and the items. Allow first of all the arrangement of items and move them in the inventory then the management of the placement of certain objects in the world and finally allow to equip items (armor, pants, weapon ...).
- The management of the camera: moving from first person view to third person view.
- The animations of the character, whether he’s in first person or in the third person, with or without items in hand.
- The IA. We had a neuronal system to be able to give orders to the IA and let them make they own decision in certain case. It was necessary to work at the same time on this system but also on the way of creating the orders and the interaction of the IA with the environment.
- The interface: the interface in-Game (life, notification …), the menu, the inventory, the interface of the IA’s order…
- The optimization, especially about the terrain generation.

To discover more about the project, I invite you to visit the Facebook and Twitter's page and also our website and kickstarter’s page where we post some videos and pictures.