Video Game Developer



3D Real time

First Game I made in 3D. 4 libraries were used to produce this project: SDL, GLM, rt3D/rt3D object loader and Glew/Freeglut. We implemented the animation, the shifting, the main character collision, the following camera, the skybox, the lights, the environment (buildings, map limitations), the sound and finally the bot. The bot will follow you and if he touches you, you loose.


This pratical project is a mix between different works :
- A spacial enumeration of a sphere with its bounding box
- A calculation of bouding box in the case there are multiple objects
- The creation of a sphere with the octal trees.
- Different binary operations (as union, intersection ...) with the spacial enumeration and octal trees.

Importation-Exportation Obj

In this pratical work I did an importation and exportation of an .obj.

"AngryBird like"

Project made in Scotland where I needed to do a game with the angrybird gameplay: with a cannon you have to shoot a target hidding behind a wall.